We are an online platform for renting and selling items for babies and traveler children. Our mission? Make your family trip much easier, comfortable and LIGHT.

As parents, we always want to be with our children and live new experiences with them. We make the decision to plan a family trip, we choose destination, buy the tickets, we get so excited and everything seems to be perfect until the moment of truth arrives: We have to pack.

This is when everything starts to get complicated because we want to carry many things and we can not travel with 200 kilos of luggage. Then the doubts begin: If I take the stroller I can't take the toy, am i packing enough diappers? .. And the family trip turns into a headache without having started.

One of our creators, Natalia Mesa, who since 2010 writes in her blog - La Gallina y Los Pollitos and Mesa en Blanco - her experiences in motherhood with love and humor, saw herself in this situation many times and together we decided it was time to lighten the load.

The good news is that if your plan is to travel to Colombia we have the solution to your problems!